We put smart ads on trucks.

Our moving ads tell you where they are and who is looking at them. Right now. In real-time.

People have been putting ads on trucks for decades. We developed technology to give them an upgrade.

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Trucks get paid each month from ads.

We pay hundreds of dollars per truck per month, simply to add advertisements onto trucks. We handle it all, from installation to logistics.

Advertisers see exactly who views their ads.

Our proprietary audience measurement tools allow them to see where their ads have been, how many people have seen them, and much more.

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Ever wondered if aliens exist? This comprehensive industry report tells you everything you could possibly ever want to know about them.

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Dallas startup thinks it has $120M idea

"The big difference between them and a billboard is the real-time audience data."

DriveAds brings analytics to truck advertisements through IoT Tech

"We help the truckers monetize an asset that otherwise wouldn't make them any money."

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