The Next Big Thing
In Outdoor Advertising Is Here…

DriveAds is an advertising service using personal vehicles as mobile billboards.
Drivers can earn up to $400/month!

What is DriveAds?

DriveAds allows everyday drivers to earn up to $400/month by driving with removable, vinyl wrap advertisements on their vehicles, while giving brands awesome monthly campaign data. Drivers are asked to simply maintain their normal everyday driving routine.

1. Register for DriveAds

Fill out basic information about yourself and your vehicle.

2. Download our app

Available for download on the Google Play and Apple store.

3. Start driving

This allows us to identify the best drivers for our service.

Ready to become a DriveAds driver?

Before signing up, we ask that you meet these basic requirements:

  • Drive 20+ miles per day.
  • Have a clean driving record with no infractions.
  • Own/lease a 2007 car or newer.
  • Great attitude driving a brand’s advertisement!
  • Be awesome.

Driver Information

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