Advertise on Trucks Locally

- Real-time Impression Measurement
- City & National Routes Available
- 3 to 24-month Campaign Lengths Available
- Customizable Demographic Reporting
- Advertiser Dashboard

Why DriveAds?


Our large format moving advertisements provide direct and memorable opportunities to connect with your customers. Our outdoor medium is ad-blocker proof and can never be affected by bots. This coupled with 1.5 million+ impressions/per truck a month driving highly trafficked roads provide brands with can’t-miss impactful delivery of their ads.

Impactful Advertising
Measurement of OOH effectiveness


DriveAds provides monthly campaign reporting with OOH industry standard CPM measurement and route analytics for your campaign(s). ROI is easy to understand with your outdoor media spend.


With access to thousands of trucks nation wide standing ready to drive your ads, DriveAds can handle your small or large inventory demands. All trucks are available for 3 to 24 month campaigns.

Lowest CPM of various mediums


1.5 million+ impressions per month below $2/CPM is what our trucks generate. This means our can’t-miss outdoor media provides a terrific ROI on your ad spend. Advertising with DriveAds means your dollar goes further.


Select a regional, city, inter-state or intra-state routes to advertise on. DriveAds provides a virtually limitless number of routes where you can promote your brand outside.

Sample US routes

Product Details

Eighteen Wheeler Advantages

– Time Driven/day: 8-10 hours
– Days Driven/wk: 5-7
– Routes: Intra & Inter-state
– Impressions/day: 60,000
These huge, up to 51ft can’t-miss rolling advertisements provide a visually impactful delivery for various campaigns and activations. Covering long distances you have the opportunity to have your ads literally driven across our great country.

Box Truck Advantages

– Time Driven/day: 6-8 hours
– Days Driven/wk: 5
– Routes: City/Regional
– Impressions/day: 75,000
Our rolling advertisements on box trucks can be seen in metropolitan and suburban areas on high-trafficked roads in high-density areas.

Coverage Map

Coverage Map
Atlanta Dallas-Fort Worth Miami Philadelphia San Francisco
Austin Denver Milwaukee Phoenix San Jose
Boston Houston Minneapolis/St. Paul Pittsburgh Seattle
Charlotte Las Vegas New York City San Antonio Tampa
Chicago Los Angeles Oklahoma City San Diego Washington D.C.

Billboard vs DriveAds

Billboards dont even move
Trucks can provide different advertisements to different routes and will catch your eye