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We pay trucking companies to carry ads on truck sides. Up to $600 per month, per truck with monthly payouts.

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The problem of the trucking industry.

The industry runs on razor thin margins transporting freights & goods. Truck owners sitting on an unknown passive income source - truck sides. All the while, advertising agencies are searching for new real estate to use for their brand campaigns.

Our solution, built specifically for you.

DriveAds connects brands/advertisers with trucks to place ads on their trucks sides. Routes of trucks can be local, regional, intrastate or interstate. Truck & fleet owners benefit from income from hosting and carry ads on their trucks sides.


Turn 50 trucks into $360,000/year.

DriveAds installs non-invasive ads on your existing trucks based on USDOT truck widths. No holes or screws, just awesome ads. Up to 24 month campaigns with monthly payouts to you.

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How to get started

Our process is perfected, and we pride ourselves on the ease of getting you onboarded, ads put onto your trucks and new revenue into your pocket.


Sign up your fleet & routes

Onboarding is a breeze. Just give us your truck sizes and routes sheet and we'll match you with the perfect brands.


Schedule and install the ads

You tell us where to go, and we'll install it on location by our network of professional installers and designers.


New revenue for your business

Monthly payouts via bank transfer from our platform. We remove the ad at the end of the campaign for no charge.